Mobile Coverage Consultation


Devon County Council, on behalf of the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (HotSW LEP), is seeking to invest £2.5m of Growth Deal funding improving 4G mobile phone coverage across the LEP area.

Before they can determine where funds might be invested (initially focusing on a small number of pilot areas), they have to understand the state of current and future mobile coverage across the region.

They are launching this coverage consultation for all stakeholders, both to assure their not-spot data, and to gain access to information on potential coverage plans over the next 3 years.


Details of the consultation, and the process for responding, are outlined within the following documentation:

The deadline for responses is midnight on the 31st August 2018.


Will you be planning to invest in all the areas listed in your consultation?

The funding available will only allow for pilots across a small number of areas. However, the Council has to verify through consultation with stakeholders where the not-spots are in order to start to plan where funding could be invested in future. This is the purpose of this exercise.

Who may respond?

The consultation is open to any organisation, individual or community who are aware of current 3G or 4G indoor coverage from any operator in the areas referenced within the consultation documentation. The Council is aware that many regions have coverage from only 1 or 2 of the 4 main providers. However, the consultation is only able to assess not-spot areas (i.e. areas devoid of any indoor 3G or 4G coverage from any operator). Anyone who responds must provide suitable evidence that the areas believed to be not-spots are either currently, or set to be, served by 3G or 4G indoor services. This evidence may be in the form of modeled signal strength data, mast locations, coverage maps and/or delivery milestones.

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