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What is the Mobile Boost Scheme?

The Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) Mobile Boost Scheme has been designed to help small businesses and households who currently have poor indoor mobile coverage.

The scheme aims to upgrade indoor 4G coverage within businesses and homes to improve connectivity and the ability to make voice calls. The programme is focusing on small business connections and is targeting those premises which have no adequate 4G indoor coverage from any operator or only one operator.

What are the different types of technology available through the scheme to boost signal?

Type of EquipmentVoucher ValueHow Does It Work?Suitability
Cel-Fi GO G41 static mobile phone repeater*
(subject to availability)
Voucher up to £1,300The external antenna takes the outdoor 2G, 3G (if still broadcast), 4G & 5G signal, the signal is amplified in the G41 unit and then repeated indoors using the internal antenna. The system uses the same mobile phone operator bandwidth so that it creates a stronger indoor signal. The G41 only amplifies one main network (i.e. O2 or EE or 3 or Vodafone). Limited as to which mobile phone operator signals it can pick up in different areas.
Your chosen supplier will be able to tell you which mobile phone operators signal the Cel-Fi can pick up in your area.
The Cel-Fi unit must have at least one bar of 3G signal (outside) to work.
4G RouterVoucher up to £600The 4G router uses the mobile phone signal outside as a hotspot.
There is an antenna outside which is the hotspot and this is redirected inside.
The router will need to have good external coverage from one of the four mobile network operators.
*currently there is only one OEM that has demonstrated meeting the Ofcom requirements in Interface
Requirement 2102 Part 1 (2102.1) – static mobile phone repeaters for indoor use and Statutory Instrument
2018/399 (The Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Repeater)) Exemption Regulations 2018. The OEM is Nextivity
with several specific solutions offered in the UK.

Does the voucher cover the entire cost of the equipment and installation?

No. The Mobile Boost Scheme is funded by the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (HotSW LEP) and eligible businesses and residents are required to make a contribution towards the total cost, the amount will be dependent on the voucher amount.

If I decided to apply for the Mobile Boost Scheme, what contribution towards the cost of the equipment and installation would I be expected to make?

Type of equipmentVoucher valueBeneficiary contribution
Cel-Fi G41 static mobile repeater* (subject to availability)Voucher up to £1,300Contribution up to £400
4G RouterVoucher up to £600Expected beneficiary contribution dependent on the value of the SIM.

How do beneficiaries of the scheme apply for the voucher?

Applications for a voucher can be made through the CDS website. Once a voucher code is issued you need to contact a supplier from an approved list.
The supplier will then work with you to discuss the best technology option for your premises and to carry out the installation of the equipment.
The supplier will ask you for a contribution to the equipment and installation.

Can the Cel-Fi equipment boost more than one mobile phone signal at a time?

No, it can only repeat or “boost” the mobile phone provider signal that is set at installation. However, if at some later date you change your mobile phone operator the equipment can be reset to the new mobile network operator signal dependent on who it is.

Can you supply me with the equipment and I install it myself?

No, the voucher provided is towards the cost of equipment and installation.

Can suppliers charge a call out fee?

Suppliers may charge a call out fee before any installation of equipment has happened. For example, if you have agreed with your supplier that you want equipment installed and the engineer comes to install but you change your mind, the supplier may charge for the cost of the engineer’s visit. However, it is up to you to clarify with your supplier any call out charges that might be applicable before installation occurs.