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Step 1: Enter Your Postcode

Step 2: Self Certify

This section is for you to self-certify that you cannot currently make or receive indoor calls reliably at your main office/residence, using your mobile with your current mobile network operator (MNO)

Step 3: Select Your Address

Step 3a: Please enter your address

Step 4: Further Information

Data Protection

Any personal data provided by you as a residential beneficiary, or by your employees, company representatives or otherwise if you are a corporate beneficiary, shall be used by Devon County Council and Somerset Council (from here on referred to as DCC/SC) in accordance with our privacy policy.

Please note that it will be down to you to contact your supplier of choice, providing them with the required information for them to be able to install a service at your premises. However we may have to communicate with suppliers and other third parties during the length of the scheme as set out in our privacy policy.

Beneficiary Terms and Conditions

Your participation in the mobile boost scheme will be subject to your agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions. Please read these terms and conditions for full details of the terms governing a beneficiary of the mobile boost scheme.