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Step 1: Enter Your Postcode

Step 2: Self Certify

This section is for you to self-certify that you cannot currently make or receive indoor calls reliably at your main office/residence, using your mobile with your current mobile network operator (MNO)

Step 3: Select Your Address

Step 3a: Please enter your address

Step 4: Further Information

Data Protection Agreement and Scheme Terms and Conditions

Devon and Somerset County Councils (from here on referred to as DCC/SCC) seek to hold and process your personal details, in order to process your mobile voucher application.

DCC and SCC do not intend on actively passing your personal details on to third parties, as it will be down to you to contact your supplier of choice, providing them with the required information for them to be able to install a service at your premises. However, we may have to communicate with suppliers as part of your voucher application process, so for example, they can verify they are installing to the right premises, or to help with any unforeseen issues that might arise during the length of the scheme.

Please also read our privacy policy and the scheme's terms and conditions for eligibility.