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Change Request issued to (or by) the relevant CDS supplier, which identifies the affected premises and requests an assessment of the impacts on the Contract of a potential de-scope (or, if requested by CDS, a de-scope and a “re-scope” to add alternative coverage into the Contract).

Change Impact Assessment produced by CDS supplier.

CDS assesses the overall impacts of the potential de-scoping – examples may include assessing:

– Timescales for completion of build

– Extent of any “orphaned” premises that would not be connected under the CDS Contract or the commercial operator’s plans

– Impacts on other clusters, including on certainty of build

– Network resilience and open access considerations

– Value for money considerations, including impacts on commercial model underpinning the whole CDS Contract

– Extent of previous de-scopes and cumulative financial/commercial impacts for CDS Contract

– Any proposed alternative coverage options from the CDS supplier

– Level of commitment/publicity from the other commercial operator in relation to their build

– Feedback from community engagement.

CDS decides whether to proceed to de-scope (or to de-scope and re-scope) premises from CDS Contracts or to continue with existing CDS-contracted build.

If CDS decides to proceed with a de-scoping (or a de-scoping/re-scoping), CDS moves to stage 3 in the process.