How do I upgrade?

Fibre to the Cabinet Broadband

If you already have an ADSL connection you won’t automatically be upgraded, you need to request a connection to superfast broadband
  1. Check if superfast broadband is available in your area by using our Where and When postcode checker.
  2. Contact an Internet Service Provider to check if you can be connected
    • This can be your existing supplier or any of the others featured here.
  3. Talk to the ISP about the best deal for you
    • Consider the different packages and what is important for you in terms of speed, cost, download limits and contract length.
    • Shop around – visit a price comparison site such as or
  4. Take out a new contract and start accessing superfast broadband
    • Usually the ISP will arrange your connection within a couple of weeks of placing your order

Those already in an existing contract with their ISP should be able to upgrade to a superfast package if you get in contact with them. Alternatively those who are near to the end of their contracts can wait and choose from one of the many suppliers to get the best deal.

Fibre to the Premises

An installation of fibre cable to your property will need to be carried out by an engineer to connect you to the network; this can be ordered through an ISP.

The ordering process is as above but please note that not all ISPs offer a fibre to the premises service so you will have to investigate which providers can deliver this solution in your area.

Wireless Broadband

  1. To find out if you can be connected please visit the Airband Wholesale website.
  2. Enter your postcode and check if your home or business can be enabled.
  3. You can then go ahead and place an order with any of the suppliers on the Airband network.

If you are in an existing ADSL contract, it is unlikely that you will be able to upgrade with your existing supplier.  The reason for this is that not all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer wireless technology.  If you are aware that the Airband technology is being rolled out close to you and your current contract is coming to an end, it might be worth remaining in your existing contract without renewing until you are able to take up a new service.  This means you won’t be entering into a new 12 – 18 month contract and you will be free to upgrade to superfast wireless broadband when it becomes available to you.

COVID-19 Info

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