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What do we need to run a talk or workshop for your business network?
The Get up to Speed programme is fully funded so there is no charge for us to deliver our sessions. Our aim is to engage with as many businesses as possible, so we try to run sessions in locations accessible for multiple organisations. We ask for a minimum of 15 people and a public venue, such as a meeting room with:

  • Disabled access
  • Wi-Fi and a power supply
  • Suitable seating and tables so people can take notes or use laptops

If you think your area or business network could benefit from a digital skills session, please contact us.

How to…?
Practical workshops | 2 to 3 hours

Mobile Devices and Apps for Your Business
Discover how tablets and smartphones can help increase productivity and efficiency to transform your business. Explore the best apps to aid your daily business and home life.

Online Marketing
An introduction to the essentials of online marketing such as social media, search engine optimisation, mobile marketing and e-newsletters. Learn how the latest digital trends can help deliver your marketing objectives to increase sales.

Taking the plunge – Microsoft 365 vs Google Cloud
Gain a firm understanding of this growing technology, explore the different options available and the logistics of moving your business to the cloud.

Selling Online
Find out how to choose a payment mechanism, boost your website’s visibility, utilise e-newsletters and social media and create engaging website content.

Facebook and Twitter Basics
Get an introduction to these two popular social media platforms and learn how to set up business accounts, share content, as well as exploring best practice and privacy settings.

Learn how to set up your profile- or boost your existing profile- and pick up top tips on boosting your digital reputation to strengthen professional relationships and get connected!

The rise of Instagram and Pinterest
Discover how to use Instagram and Pinterest effectively for your business. Learn how to sell your product or service visually and create engaging content for your customers.

Keeping your website safe
With online threats on the rise each day, website security has become an extremely important issue. We will look at the latest information around cyber security and how to prevent or limit an attack, and what to do if something happens.

Keeping your business safe online
A look at ways to protect your business, employees and customers from online attacks, data loss and other threats.

What makes a good website?
A website is your first digital impression. It’s important to make a great one. Find out new website trends and how to make sure your website gets the results you’re looking for.

Intelligent use of Social Media
Discover how social media can be used to boost sales and enhance customer service and pick up top tips on how to get the best return on investment for your time.

Get to Grips with Search Engine Optimisation
Explore the factors that affect your search engine ranking and pick up quick tricks to help increase your website’s visibility.

Strategic use of digital
Presentations with live demos where appropriate | 1 hour

Board Digital Strategy Setting session
Aimed at senior management, discover how new technologies can be adopted and exploited alongside the use of faster networks to support your organisation in the future.

Online Reputation Management
This presentation will give expert guidance and help for managing your online reputation and you will get a clear strategy on how to improve your profile and then use the power of online to create new opportunities.

Digital Marketing Strategy
The successful companies of the future will continually use digital marketing strategies to drive their business forward. Ideal for business owners, managers, marketers and strategists this session will explore digital trends and help you to create a well formed strategy.

“A huge Thank You to the Get up to Speed team for delivering a Twitter workshop. It was very well received by colleagues with some excellent feedback.” Caroline Buttivant Teaching & Learning Coordinator, Somerset Skills and Learning CIC

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