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There are a number of challenges to building a network. CDS works with providers and communities to address these challenges.

Street works access

Access to local roads is needed to build fibre networks which requires CDS and its contracted broadband providers to work with local authority highways co-ordination teams to plan road closures and other traffic management. Every effort is made to limit disruption to local communities and businesses.


CDS helps secure complex agreements with landowners – called wayleaves – to use their land to host digital infrastructure. Sometimes access is refused which means planned fibre routes have to be reviewed which can cause delays to construction.


Parts of the network are built overground with fibre running along poles. Sometimes there can be opposition to the location of poles. CDS works with providers and communities to resolve disputes around the positioning of poles.

Engineering challenges

Engineering challenges to building the network include buidling across bridges and trainlines as well as working around trees and hedges to help conserve natural habitat.