Devon and Somerset

Interactive Coverage Map

Please note the following:

  1. Each exchange area contains smaller areas served by green fibre cabinets or other broadband technologies. Forecast dates shown may apply to parts of an exchange area or all the exchange area.
  2. For all exchanges, including those with estimated dates given for "further fibre rollout planned", further planning is continuing. This may include both fibre-based superfast broadband and alternative technologies.
  3. Planned coverage for all areas is subject to survey and may change.
  4. Coverage may decrease as well as increase.
  5. All information, including forecast dates, is indicative only. Forecast dates may move forwards as well as backwards.
  6. Please see our Interactive Coverage Map FAQs for further information.
  7. The map is not currently 100% compatible with mobiles and you may experience issues if viewing on a mobile device. We are working on a list of exchanges for such usage cases which will address this issue.