Where & When Map Considerations

Please note the following in regards to the map data

Timescales and plans may change

The map and related messaging are only a guide. They should not be viewed as a definitive answer to current or future broadband coverage:

  • Survey dates are only estimates. External factors may impact survey dates causing shifts (either forwards or backwards) in scheduling.
  • Survey dates are not representative of the final completion dates which will be published following the survey results.
  • Areas under survey are not necessarily going to be upgraded. The engineering, logistical and technical issues found during surveying will inform which cabinets get enabled.
  • In some instances an area will require further survey work after a cabinet has been installed, when this is highlighted on our map future works are dependent on the results of the survey and are not guaranteed to go ahead.
  • Note that the coverage percentages displayed on our map are modelled estimates and not guarantees of coverage. Percentages could stand to change at any point and in extreme cases, as a result of a structure being removed from the programme.
  • Airband Community fixed wireless technology relies on line of sight to connect a premise. Those premises in the coverage area have had initial surveys to determine availability though there may be some cases where further surveying demonstrates no service to the described speed, or even at all, can be offered.

The map provides postcode, not premises level information

Not all premises within a postcode marked as live may be able to access a fibre service. Reasons for this include:

  • Multiple cabinets. There may be more than one cabinet serving a postcode and not all of these cabinets may be enabled.
  • Distance from cabinet. Factors such as copper line distance from the cabinet, or copper line quality, may mean that a fibre uplift is not available at a property. To determine the capability of your connection contact an internet service provider.
  • Exchange only lines. Some premises within a postcode may be connected directly to the exchange rather than a cabinet (so called exchange only lines). In order for exchange only lines to be upgraded a range of engineering solutions need to be deployed. In some areas these solutions will be installed, for other exchanges it will not be possible to connect these lines. You will need to enquire with an internet service provider to see if you are connected to an exchange only line. We are working to make sure we resolve as many EO lines as possible; all updates will be published on our website.
  • Commercial coverage: There are some postcodes that may be covered by both private (commercial) and public rollouts of fibre, these programmes work to different schedules so some properties may be upgraded before others. Contact an internet service provider to see if you’re in their commercial plans.

If your postcode is not found via our map then you are either outside of the Devon and Somerset area, and therefore should refer to your local scheme, or your postcode is new and consequently not currently in the system. Should the latter be the case then you have not been included in this phase, however, future works will consider your area.

Fibre service availability is not the same as infrastructure availability

  • Connecting Devon and Somerset is tasked with delivering superfast (24Mbps+) coverage across the two counties, we are not an internet service provider and therefore not responsible for the service to individual premises this is down to your ISP.
  • We notify all internet service providers of a cabinet going live so within a few weeks of a cabinet being activated one should be able to place an order with an ISP. We are not able to provide information on internet service provider take up at a cabinet/postcode level.
  • We would advise that you to check with a range of internet service providers to determine if you can be connected as some might not inform you of wider infrastructure availability outside of their network. If no providers are offering a fibre service and your postcode is marked as live on our map, please consider the reasons above.

Please use BT’s dsl checker to investigate the situation of your line and cabinet.

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