CDS Gainshare Public Consultation


The Public Consultation on Gainshare to determine the State Aid classifications for the Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) Programme Area closed on 30th April 2018. The Public Consultation was published on the CDS and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport websites during the period and invited the telecoms market and members of the general public to respond with details of their commercial plans in the CDS Programme Area and feedback on current service issues respectively. During the Consultation period, CDS received responses from 4 commercial providers and 53 responses from individual residents and communities with information about their current broadband service. CDS has responded to these submissions; detailing the likely coverage plans as specifically as possible: please see Annex 1 for more detail on the initial proposal for Gainshare intervention and feedback to members of the public.

Following this process, the eligible Intervention Area for the proposed commitment of between £4 to 6 million has been defined by postcodes that are classified as ‘NGA White’ from a State Aid perspective. The final map showing this area is on page 3 of this document.

CDS therefore intends to issue a Change Request to BT; its Phase I Contract supplier, to develop a proposal for the commitment of the Gainshare funding in eligible NGA White Areas; with the purpose of further extending the provision of NGA broadband services.


The following table summarises the intended timescales for the next stages of the Gainshare Change Request (CR):



Consultation period for the Gainshare CR


30 March – 2018 – 30 April 2018


CDS responses sent to General Public feedback


30 May 2018


Impact assessment of Operator responses on eligible areas for Gainshare & preparation for BDUK Quality Assurance.


Submission to BDUK by October 2018


CR issued to BT


30 October 2018


Revised State Aid Maps

The following criteria have been used by CDS to determine the classification of areas into NGA White/Grey/Black areas respectively:

* A postcode is turned Grey if there is only one Broadband infrastructure operator providing NGA services (supporting minimum speeds of at least 30 Mbps) to that postcode.

* A postcode is turned Black if there are at least two Broadband infrastructure operators providing NGA services (supporting minimum speeds of at least 30 Mbps) to that postcode.

* All other postcodes remain White. NB if there is at least one premise within a postcode that currently has speeds of sub 15 Mbps, this will classify the entire postcode as NGA White.

In addition, CDS maintains regular dialogue with commercial operators to review their progress against their stated plans. CDS will periodically review commercial plans and will consider undertaking a full Open Market Review over the next 12 months to support additional investment opportunities.

Status of the Gainshare Intervention Area Consultation & Next Steps:

This consultation is now closed. CDS has submitted its proposed Intervention Area for Gainshare to the National Competence Centre at BDUK, which oversees the UK New National Broadband Scheme. A formal Change Request will be issued by CDS to BT by the end of October. This will invite BT to model its potential use of the Gainshare funding for further NGA connectivity in priority NGA White areas which are also located in areas of higher deprivation within the CDS Programme footprint. This response will be assessed by CDS against Value for Money and Coverage criteria.

The above map shows the centroids of 5,814 NGA white postcodes located south of the River Brue and listed with the 2012 OMR. NGA White is defined as any postcode with at least 1 NGA white premises lying within it (an NGA white premises having an Openreach FTTC speed of less than 15 Mbps or not being served by NGA capable infrastructure). There are around 25,373 premises lying within the boundaries of the 5,814 identified postcodes.

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