Making the most of your connection

At a time when the vast majority of us are required to stay at home except for very limited purposes, the quality of home internet connectivity has never been more important.

OFCOM and CDS have provided some practical tips to improve broadband speeds.

Ofcom’s recommendations include running a simple speed test and contacting your Internet Service Provider. CDS’ advice complements those recommendations with useful self-help ideas that can often improve speeds or help identify what may be causing the problem and your options before talking to your ISP.

Click here for the OFCOM Broadband Speeds Advice.

CDS will also be adding a series of FAQs over the coming days, expanding on this advice and covering a wider range of topics to help businesses and householders enhance their connectivity.

Click here for more on “Making the most of your connection”

COVID-19 Info

Whilst measures to contain COVID-19 continue to evolve, CDS will attempt to maintain a Business As Usual approach, though there may be some unavoidable impact on our ability to respond to queries.