Making the most of your connection – Mobile network coverage

Mobile network coverage

This requires a reasonable level of self-help and analysis of the available networks to provide a solution and any solution will incur additional costs.

Already know mobile coverage is OK?

Where mobile coverage is already known to be adequate, it can be relatively easy to use your mobile phone to check available speeds.  An app, such as Speedtest will allow you to get a relatively accurate indication of the 4G speeds available in your property.  If they are an improvement over your existing fixed connection, then you can purchase a separate Mi-Fi device with an additional SIM card which will provide an alternative / additional source of connectivity.

(Note: Whilst the additional device can be used to provide additional connectivity to an existing router, it may need additional tech support from your work to allow access to your work systems).

Less sure about the mobile coverage, especially indoors

Where coverage is more problematic there are a range of systems available (usually marketed to people who use Camper vans / RVs / caravans) which use a Mi-Fi device and additional antenna placed in a window or similar location.

All of these ideas work if there is 4G mobile network coverage outside the property, even if it only available above the ground floor. This is how wifi is delivered to trains, planes, motor home, yachts, etc and, is increasingly used for hard to reach properties.

Most of the equipment required is readily available from online suppliers, including Amazon, and sold unlocked from a particular network (Note: all MNOs have SIM-only options).

There isn’t a simple “Mobile connectivity for dummies” site or book out there but there are resources and firms focused on all aspects of using 4G as a broadband service:

Sites that explain what 4G broadband is:

Sites that explore the standard 4G broadband deals:

Sites that explore 4G solution providers:

Sites that explore 4G for mobile home users:

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