Making the most of your connection – Investigate Broadband connection

Investigate broadband connection

If the computer is attached by an ethernet lead or close to the home router and WiFi access point and the problem continues then the problem might be with the internet service or that the work connection demands more capacity than your current broadband subscription package can provide.

Before you call your ISP check what package you have signed up for and service you should be receiving, this will visible in your bill or account app.

If you know how to, check the speed that your router is achieving – the web browser access to your router will provide this information.

If you don’t know how to access your router, your ISP is required to tell you the throughput (speed) that your connection is achieving for both the uplink (transmitting data to the internet and potentially your work systems) and downlink (the data that you can download).

You can use a commercial speed test product but this is only effective if the computer is connected by ethernet lead or you are certain that the WiFi is not the root cause of the problem. To do so, either use our Speed Checker page or try one of the links below.

Before calling, you will be better prepared if you know whether there is a better service bundle available from your ISP and you might check whether there is a better service available from another ISP on a broadband comparison site

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