Making the most of your connection – Broadband connection problems

Broadband connection problems

Call your ISP to identify if there is anything that the ISP, or an alternative ISP, can do to improve your fixed line connectivity; you should now be able to tell them


1. The problem has occurred in the past Yes / No
2. I’m using the same systems that I have previously Yes / No
3. I’m trying to connect to a system that needs me to send large amounts of data. Yes / No
4. I’ve identified that there isn’t a problem with my WiFi causing this issue in the house.
5. I’m already on what is considered to be the best broadband package Yes / No


If at the end of this you are already contracted for the best fixed-line service, there is nothing that the ISP can offer to improve throughput and you are still struggling, the only short-term option is to use mobile network coverage as either an alternative or as an added source of connectivity.

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