Inadequate Broadband Slows Down the World’s Fastest Car!

Speed is of the essence for Somerset based car manufacturers Ariel. Their history for innovation in design goes back to the days of the Penny Farthing and their latest innovation (the Ariel Atom) was acclaimed by Jeremy Clarkson as the fastest car he has ever driven. The Ariel Atom remains at the top of the Top Gear power lap leader board of the world’s fastest cars.

With their factory in the countryside just outside Crewkerne in Somerset and additional tenanted workshops in the village of North Perrott, Ariel provides an excellent example of how business can thrive in rural locations as well as our big cities. However, one of director Simon Saunders’ biggest bugbears is the unreliability of the 21st Century infrastructure needed to support his company’s growth and innovation; especially broadband.

As he explains, “we rely on high speed communication for every aspect of our business. Our world has changed immeasurably in the past ten years. Car design used to involve pencils and paper but in today’s world it’s highly reliant on the computer. We have to send large data packages to suppliers and contractors quickly and reliably. With our current access to broadband it is often slow and simply isn’t reliable. The connection drops out entirely at least once a day and although speeds are variable, they’re never that fast. We’ve also had complaints from some of our business tenants that the local broadband service is adversely affecting their business. For one of them, it’s making life so difficult that they’re considering relocating out of the county. Fast and reliable broadband is an absolutely vital part of business life today; it’s not an optional extra! If we don’t have superfast broadband we simply won’t be able to compete in the global marketplace.”

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