Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ADSL/ADSL 2 A copper cable that supports broadband though speeds are restricted to around 8Mbps for ADSL and 17Mbps for ADSL 2.
Bandwidth The speed at which you can upload and download data offline. Higher bandwidths can get more done and faster, like streaming TV whilst downloading an album.
Basic Broadband Service The original term used for our voucher scheme.
Broadband An internet provision that is distinct from the old dial up internet method and offers faster speeds, though has no defined speed.
Primary Connection Point  Cabinet PCP The green box in the street that connects all the homes and businesses to the broadband network. Differs from a DSLAM cabinet.
Commercially covered When an area is being provided an improved broadband service through commercial investment. These areas are not in the CDS area and due to State Aid regulation we are not able to comment on them.
Contract Upgrade The process of moving to a new agreement with an ISP that includes the superfast speeds.
Device A piece of technology that allows a user to access the internet such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.
Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer DSLAM A device in the telephone exchange or cabinet that converts fibre and enables telephone lines to make faster connections and deliver fibre to an area.
Download The amount of data you can transfer off of the internet to a device
Download Limit The cap on the amount of data an ISP contract allows, generally per month.
Enabled Connected to a superfast cabinet.
Exchange The telephone exchange that receives the cable from the fibre spine and then distributes to the cabinets in the area forming the centre of an area web.
Exchange Only Connecting lines that run directly from the premise to the exchange rather than via a cabinet.

A method of transferring data by pulsating light along a plastic cable. The speed in which data can be transferred is much faster than copper cabling.

Fibre to the Cabinet FTTC

Fibre connections that run from the exchange to the cabinet to bring an area superfast. The cabling from the premise to the cabinet will be on existing copper.

Fibre to the Premise FTTP

Fibre connections that run directly from the exchange to the property without the use of any copper.

Fixed Line Internet delivered over a physical link like a cable or fibre.
Fixed Wireless

Internet delivered through a non-physical solution like radio or WiFi.

Get Up To Speed Connecting Devon and Somerset support service to help everyone make the most of the new superfast broadband
Programme Board The body who oversee the programme and plan and coordinate the various aspects of the project. Positions are filled by cabinet members and chief executives from the Devon and Somerset councils, CDS officers, representatives from the other authorities and the central government arm, BDUK.
Internet Service Provider ISP

The company who supplies you your internet and may or may not be those who install the infrastructure and service the technology.

Intervention Area The area that is to receive upgraded broadband as part of the CDS programme at each phase.
IP Address A unique set of numbers that identify your computer or device when it is connected to the internet, like your postcode for your house.
Landline The telephone coming in to your home; this is often the same cable that supports the broadband internet.
Live When a cabinet or area is activated and connected to the fibre network.
Long Lines Cables that are over 1.6km in length from the cabinet or exchange to a premise can be described as a long line. In many of these cases a home or business will not see significant uplift even if they are superfast enabled.
Megabits per second Mbps

A measure of data transfer rate that shows how much data can be downloaded or uploaded in a fixed timeframe.

Mobile Broadband Internet access provided over the mobile networks.
Open Market Review OMR

An analysis of all superfast connections in the CDS area to highlight which are public funded and which are receiving private investment to enable focus on those areas yet to be connected.

Out of Programme When an area does not feature in the current phase of the programme and will not be connected to a fibre enabled cabinet.
Phase One The first stage in the Connecting Devon and Somerset superfast broadband rollout aiming to reach around 90% of premises across Devon and Somerset in conjunction with commercial provision.
Phase Two The second stage of the superfast broadband rollout targeting the hardest to reach areas to bring total coverage to 95%.
Rollout The process of installing the superfast network across the intervention area is described as the “rollout”
Router A box in the home or office which enables a WiFi signal to be beamed around the premise so devices can connect to the internet.
Satellite Broadband

Internet access provided by a satellite link beaming down coverage to a receiver on your premise.

Speed The transfer rate of a broadband connection; we use Mbps as our measure.
State Aid

State Aid is any advantage granted by public authorities, such as CDS, which could distort the competition in free market. In order for this to be permitted it needs to be demonstrated that the open market would fail to deliver in these areas without the public authority intervention.

Streaming Watching of film or listening to audio over the internet without having to download.
Superfast Broadband speed that exceeds 24Mbps
Superfast Extension Programme SEP Central government term for Phase Two.
Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line SDSL Like ADSL only the upload and download speeds are the same.
Under Evaluation When an area is yet to be surveyed and scheduled by engineers.
Unlimited Where your contract has no caps on the amount of data you can use, usually every month.
Uplift The rate in which your speed increases after moving from standard broadband to superfast. i.e. 10Mbps – 30Mbps
Upload The amount of data you can transfer on to the internet from a device
Voucher Scheme CDS initiative to get premises with below 2Mbps connected to faster speeds through a subsidy for the premise.