My property is shown as live (green). Will I be automatically updated to faster speeds on fibre and fixed wireless?

No, you will need to upgrade your service as fibre infrastructure and fixed wireless networks use a different network to copper broadband requiring a separate installation and new service to be purchased from an internet service provider.

For fixed wireless you can do away with your old copper broadband service but you will require line rental if you want to keep your telephone service which still uses the copper network. Alternatively you can get voice-over-internet-protocol phone (Voip) which enables you to make telephone calls without a fixed landline. Fibre to the Cabinet services still use the copper lines to deliver broadband and so line rental charges will still apply.

Upgrading to a fibre service is usually slightly more expensive per month than copper. However, the speeds can be many times faster than on copper and ISPs offer regular deals so for some people it may well be cheaper.

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