My postcode is shown as commercially covered (black) yet I cannot receive faster broadband. Why is this and how do I find out more about the plans for my area?

There could be two reasons for this. The first is that the black areas shown represent areas that are either currently enabled, or planned to be enabled through a commercial programme by the end of 2019. It may be that your area has yet to be enabled under commercial plans.

The second reason may be that commercial providers no longer intend to deliver services to this area; however we are bound by State Aid from intervening in this area.

In June 2016 CDS carried out an Open Market Review (OMR) as part of the application to get State Aid clearance. This OMR asked all commercial infrastructure providers for their plans to deliver Next Generation Access broadband (primarily fibre broadband) for the length of the programme. This data was used to show the European Commission the non-commercial areas where there would be market failure in providing faster broadband so intervention of the public sector would be needed.

The black areas represent those areas which were planned to be commercially covered back in Summer 2016. As such we are not allowed to invest in these areas under European Commission State Aid regulations.

It may be the case that commercial providers have retrospectively changed their plans, leaving the area uncovered yet marked as commercially covered on our map. In such cases (in the eyes of State Aid) the area is still commercially covered until we submit a new application for State Aid based on refreshed commercial plans (carry out another OMR).

To find out more about the commercial plans for your postcode you will need to enquire with your internet service provider (ISP).

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