How are you prioritising areas for roll-out? / Can we influence the roll-out schedule?

Given finite funds and resources, as well as the sheer size and complexity of the programme (the largest of its kind in England by some considerable margin with two national parks and large areas of rurality); it is not practical to adjust plans based on anything other than engineering, logistical and technical factors found after detailed surveying.

We have to base the roll-out on the most efficient delivery pathways we can take – such pathways determined by each new run of Openreach’s model, itself informed by the latest survey and in-the-field information.

Inevitably of large consideration will be engineering and planning requirements and constraints. For example, before we can reach the hardest areas we have to ensure the necessary foundations are in place to support the new network. This will involve building out from current infrastructure in order to reach such areas in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Such a process also means that projections of coverage and delivery timescales can stand to change on the back of survey work and in-the-field factors. Ultimately however, by ensuring the planning process remains dynamic to survey and in-the-field information, we should ensure we remain on time, to budget and to target.

Where there are numerous potential delivery pathways we can take, we may refer to the inputs from our former demand registration survey as evidence of demand to help prioritise areas.

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