What happens if a home or business isn’t covered under the new contract when detailed plans are announced in the new year (March/April 2017)? When will they get better broadband?

If your premises is not included within phase 2 plans when they are announced in the coming few months, there are several potential solutions which we will be pursuing to increase coverage, as outlined below:

  • Additional public investment and efficiencies: There will be further funds invested into phase 2, in order to increase 30Mbps+ coverage. These include ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) monies,  further public funding, and reinvestment from any efficiencies found during the rollout of the new phase 2 contracts.
  • Gainshare funding: As part of our Phase 1 contract, our supplier BT has had to provide us with additional funding, given that they have benefited from the revenue our public investment has generated. This funding is called Gainshare, and we are able to re-invest this to extend superfast coverage across the programme area. Once we have finalised the plans for Phase 2, we will be planning how best to re-invest this Gainshare money extend coverage to additional premises.
  • Community hubs – Communities could get together to self-fund a faster broadband solution for their area.
  • Our Broadband Voucher Scheme – Connecting Devon and Somerset will consider re-launching its voucher scheme in the autumn of 2017, when the deployment plan for phase 2 becomes more clear.

COVID-19 Info

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