Who are Airband?

Airband Man Edit 1Airband are a family-owned fixed wireless internet service provider based in Worcester, UK. They specialise in delivering superfast broadband to rural and hard to reach areas across England and Wales. To date Airband have successfully delivered wireless networks across Worcestershire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Powys and Warwickshire.

Airband have two strands to their business; Airband Community Internet Ltd who deliver fixed wireless networks, which are open access so internet service provider’s (ISP’s) can offer a choice of services to end users. The second strand is Airband Ltd which isAirbands’ retail arm, offering retail services direct to residents and businesses over Airband Community Internet’s fixed wireless network in the same way as other ISP’s in the broadband retail market.



COVID-19 Info

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