CDS Voucher Provider List

   Fixed Wireless Technology

Covering: Teignbridge • South Hams • Crediton • Exeter and everywhere in between 

ABC SuperFast Devon are an independent specialist wireless internet service provider based in Exeter who have been focusing on delivering reliable SuperFast Broadband to rural areas and small communities in and around Torbay, Exeter & the South Hams since 2012.

Our rural broadband service is delivered via the very latest fixed wireless technology and while line of sight to our masts is ideal, we can usually work around major obstacles using relay antenna’s.

We offer affordable Home and Business packages and also fully customisable solutions on request. We also work with local schools and councils to help those struggling with slow internet get connected to high speed broadband.

  • Speeds of 500Mbps
  • All packages include unlimited data usage
  • Fast Installation – usually within 1 to 2 weeks
  • Our service doesn’t require a land line
  • VOIP phone line available with free calls
  • Local & personal service

SuperFast Devon are dedicated to bringing faster internet to Torbay, Exeter & the South Hams, we ensure all our installations are as discreet as possible to have very little impact on the Devon landscape.

Our network is expanding rapidly based on customer demand from local parishes so feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team to see if we can get you connected.

01803 200400 | 01392 210044


Airband-Logo-150x78      Fixed Wireless Technology 

Airband specialises in delivering innovative, Superfast broadband solutions to rural communities across England and Wales, turning some of the hardest to reach parts of the country into some of the best connected.

Airband works hard to help homes and businesses to find the right internet solution at the right price, using fixed wireless radio-wave technology to bring speeds of 20Mbps to 1Gbps where a traditional fibre solution cannot be used. The network operates by relaying a microwave signal via small radios fixed to poles and existing buildings. These are deliberately located to overcome physical barriers such as hills, trees or structures, transmitting the internet wirelessly over ground, rather than with cables underground. The result is a low impact solution ideally suited to areas such as AONBs and National Parks.

Airband understand the unique nature of rural Britain and design each network individually to suit, ensuring that we take into consideration protected landscapes, heritage locations and much loved vistas.


Avonline-Logo-150x150         Satellite Technology   

Avonline Broadband has helped to connect more UK customers with satellite broadband than any other provider. Avonline now offers up to 30Mbps Superfast satellite broadband packages in Devon and Somerset. If you are eligible for the Connecting Devon and Somerset scheme, no matter how rural you are, or how bad your current service options are, we guarantee to get you better broadband. We can usually connect  you in about a week.

Our Bristol based Help Desk has 15 years of experience of helping every type of customer choose the right broadband package. From young to old; from internet newcomers to broadband gurus; our goal is to listen to what you need and recommend the right packages. We offer a 90 day “No Quibble” service which allows you to upgrade or downgrade easily to make sure you find the service that best meets your ongoing needs.

Once you’ve selected and ordered the right package, one of our own trained installers will come and install the system – normally you’re up and running in an hour or so – it’s that simple.

Avonline Broadband is part of Avonline plc. Established in 1981 and BSI registered for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


Bush Logo           Fixed Wireless Technology    

Bush Broadband offer you complete control and an opportunity to try before you buy.

  • We use smart radios to send and receive a broadband service to homes and businesses.
  • These are properties that might have struggled without a decent internet connection for years.
  • Bush Broadband are small enough to be flexible and will tailor a fast broadband solution to meet your needs.
  • There is no charge for an online survey and, if you want to learn more, we can arrange a site visit and demonstration.
  • Before you order a service we will tell you what the set up costs will be and you can choose your monthly payment and data allowances.
  • Once on site we can carry out a live demonstration of the speeds you can expect to receive, so you can try the service before you commit to buying.
  • We offer 60 day rolling contracts for small and medium data allowances and 12 month contracts for homes or businesses wanting larger data allowances.
  • In some situations, if you are unsure, we are prepared to offer a trial service for a week or so to enable you to make sure we can provide the service you want.

0757 656 4242 |


Europasat Logo                 Satellite Technology           

Europe’s No.1 Satellite Broadband Provider

Europasat offer a local service but on a European scale. An AIM-listed UK success story based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, Europasat has grown to become Europe’s No.1 in satellite broadband services through putting customers first.

With Europasat you can be sure of:

  • Best in class satellite services with a range of tariffs available from all UK networks;
  • Speeds of up to 30Mbps download;
  • Unrivalled technical expertise and customer service;
  • Customer Portal to manage all aspects of your satellite broadband account including monitoring speeds & data usage, upgrade and downgrades to your tariff, managing payments and adding extra data where required.
  • 7 day per week customer support.
  • A host of guarantees including our Price & Fibre Guarantees.
  • Professional installation service if required.
  • Next day delivery and installation within a week.

In addition to all this, we know Devon and Somerset well, having attracted a large number of customers locally as a trusted partner on previous joint-Council initiatives in both counties since 2011.

Why not visit our website and checkout some of our customer reviews? We stand by our service!


fibre-options-logo                      Fibre Cable                    

Fibre Options assist communities in developing Fibre to the Premises strategies to deliver long term broadband solutions that benefit the community as a whole.

We have vast experience of working with communities to identify and manage local resource to construct truly future-proof fibre optic networks, delivering reliable, high speed next generation broadband services.  We work closely with local stakeholders to provide a local solution that ensures universal coverage, providing every home and business with a reliable fibre optic connection directly to the property.

For those communities frustrated by an uncertain broadband future, we are able to provide the support and expertise to allow local initiatives to develop and build their own permanent, future-proof broadband service, with the assurance that it will be constructed, managed and supported professionally.

As UK partners of some of the world’s leading manufacturers, we are able to create robust network infrastructures that require only light touch management and which fully support symmetrical services up to 1Gbps, ensuring the very best in-home experience.


lineal-logo                     Fixed Wireless Technology            

Lineal Software Solutions Ltd.

Lineal’s engineers provide practical broadband solutions to support remote and rural areas.

Based in North Devon, we’ve deployed flexible IT installations to customers right across the South West for more than 25 years. Our dedicated engineers are experienced in designing, planning and installing IT and fixed wireless networks to keep you, your home, and your business, connected.

We use a combination of the latest fixed wireless technology to bring faster internet connectivity to even the most challenging locations. Working in partnership with a range of local communities, businesses and organisations, we’ve successfully delivered innovative wireless projects both large and small, including the Barnstaple Town Centre Free-WiFi Project.

Our team are only ever a phone call away, and we’re committed to delivering technology that works the way you need it to.

Please contact us for advice today – 01271 375999 or visit to learn more.


Orion LOGO                    Fixed Wireless Technology         

Greenbeam Orion, trading as Orion Community Internet was founded in early 2015, with the focus on connecting rural locations across Devon and Somerset. As of August 2016, Greenbeam Orion has merged with CFB Solutions Ltd, enabling improved coverage and services around Somerset.

We are based near Tiverton in Devon, and are staffed to meet the requirements of a corporate ISP, with the service of a local business meaning you’ll always have someone to contact.

We are a local company providing Internet access by wireless systems. Our Internet connections are line-of-sight, but can also be cabled locally. We provide internet speeds which are many times faster than traditional broadband, and specialise in helping communities where broadband speeds are so slow as to be at best a nuisance and at worst unusable.


RBSW Logo     Fixed Wireless Technology

Access to the internet is now needed by everyone in rural locations from kids doing their homework to farms and other businesses. Based on the Devon/Somerset border Rural Broadband Southwest is ideally situated to understand the needs of the communities that it provides upto 50 Mbps low latency internet connections to. Set up 3 years ago by 2 local engineers Rural broadband southwest use microwave technology to send a signal to a small receiver placed on the outside of customers houses or business premises.

Rural Broadband Southwest prides itself on the personal service that it provides it doesn’t operate from a remote call centre, you are given the engineers phone number when the equipment is installed and can phone them direct if there is a problem. They complete all installations themselves and have 4×4 vehicles and access equipment that lets them service truly rural areas.

Discounts off of the monthly fee may be offered to those on low incomes and free WIFI can be set up in local community centres (parish halls etc.) to allow fast internet access by all people in the communities that they serve.


           Fixed Wireless, 4G & Satellite 

Covering all the South West from our office in Ivybridge in Devon, RuralComms came into being out of necessity to provide superfast internet connectivity to rural communities.


RuralComms are a friendly, family run broadband provider, a local company with a passion for finding the right solution for your needs however rural your property or business. It takes pride in every installation, is ‘buy with confidence’ trading standards approved and always available with a personal service tailored to your needs.


With a range of technologies, years of experience and understanding, local highly training and experienced engineers we can advise and install the best available package and services to meet your broadband requirements.


Fixed Wireless using fixed wireless radio-wave technology to deliver fibre speed internet where a traditional fibre solution cannot be used.

4G Internet access using existing mobile data networks, we can acquire & maintain a stable 4G signal in many remote locations even where there is no phone signal, providing high speed internet access with many data, price and contact terms available give us a call to discuss your needs.


Satellite all you need is a satellite dish and a modem connected to the computer to be connected to the web. The dish transmits and receives with just the same power as a mobile phone (2W) and is located outside the house.


Visit our website at: or call us on 01752 907751 or email


Satellite-Internet-Logo-1       4G & Satellite &

Satellite Internet & its sister division 4G Internet are specialist Internet Service Providers with a full 15 years of experience in delivering fast, robust and affordable broadband connectivity to both homes and businesses in the most challenging rural and remote locations. With a UK customer base numbering well into the thousands, we are delighted to be suppliers to the CDS Better Broadband scheme.

Our services cover the entire UK and we have installers all over the country, so with both satellite- and 4G-based broadband packages at our disposal, we can provide a service to almost any property anywhere.

Our satellite broadband services are supplied by Europe’s premier satellite broadband operator SES, which also owns and manages the ASTRA fleet of satellites.  All our monthly satellite packages offer download speeds of up to 20Mbps.

Our 4G broadband services are sourced from EE and Vodafone, the UK’s leading mobile network operators. All our monthly 4G packages deliver download speeds averaging 20Mbps or more.

Customer service is equally important to us – that’s why our technical support helpdesk is available via phone to any customer on a full 24/7 basis.

Call us on 03333 447700 and find out how we can help you today.


swi-logo                                  Fixed Wireless                 

South West Internet provide a full range of internet options. We offer great products and fantastic customer service, leading to us being shortlisted in the Internet Service Providers Association awards for both Best Rural Broadband and Best Wireless. Based in Dorset, in the heart of the South West we have an affinity with the local community and offer all types of internet provision, with most solutions using wireless technology delivering speeds of up to 100Mbps. Our solutions can be tailored to the needs of business parks and other multi-tenant environments and we also have off the shelf solutions for homes and businesses. Our wireless network currently covers Dorset, Somerset and Devon.

As a full service ISP, you don’t need to worry about committing yourself to a long contract and missing out on fibre if it arrives at your premises, we can seamlessly upgrade you to the best technology as and when it arrives. In the meantime, we can give fast internet speeds to you wirelessly; all you need is an aerial which we can provide as part of our hassle-free installation service.

Selected products include 24 hour end user support and all our contracts are supported by our professional helpdesk, which monitors the network 24 x 7. Call us now on 01305 341414 to discuss the options and how we can improve your internet experience.

Our staff have experience of providing wireless and internet solutions across the world and are committed to bringing this technical know-how to the South West.



Fixed Wireless                                                                                        01278 393394

SWWISP Ltd are a company based in Bridgwater Somerset, providing fast fixed wireless broadband for both commercial and residential properties within Somerset. We use technology that does not need a phone line. Our company has been running since 2012 and are constantly increasing our customer base.

We are proud of the personal service we provide and have a close working relationship with all our customers. Most of them came to us from recommendations from existing customers.

  • SWWISP use fixed wireless technology sending a signal to a small receiver placed on the outside of customers’ houses or business premises.
  • Our minimum speeds are in excess of 10Mbps.
  • We work closely with individuals, companies and communities.
  • We welcome communities and strive to provide a good service.
  • We are so confident in our services that we do not tie you in to any long term contracts, our services are on a month by month basis, enabling our customers to opt out if they wish.
  • SWWISP can also provide tailor made packages to suit your needs.

If you are interested in our service, please call John, I will be happy to have an informal, honest conversation detailing what we can do for you.


  SW Mobil Broadband logo          4G Mobile Broadband

South West Mobile Broadband Ltd is a specialist 4G LTE broadband supplier for the SW of England.

Our satisfied customers are typically businesses, home consumers, park home areas, in rural areas (outside of Fibre network).

We use 4G LTE internet access using the existing mobile data networks for this area, even when you are not in a phone signal or 4G area.

Using our 4G spectrum analyser we carry out on site surveys to know where the strongest signals are coming from and on what network. Our Hi-Tech 4G routers, typically get at least 20MB-150MB/s download speeds and upload speeds of upto 50MB/s depending on location and the 4G network, which is why a professional survey is so important.

Our antennas are MiMo (separating download and upload speeds for faster broadband speeds and are either Omni and Directional. Omni is used, it is a 360 degree antenna, if there is more than one mast within a 10 miles or the location is in a good, strong area. Directional antennas are used to get a signal from a mast up to 15 miles away and are used in more “challenging areas”.

All antennas and routers are multi range bandwidth meaning any network supplier is possible.

EE tend to be the fastest and most abundant in the South West. We have a EE 4G data offer, including 100GB for £37. We also have deals involving using existing mobile data networks, if EE is not possible.

There is no landline required, so you can also use our VOIP solutions for home or business phones and Wi-Fi Calling, boosting mobile phone signals to maximum strength, or using your existing home phone system with the same phone number, thus making your phone line redundant, saving in some cases up to £20 a month. We also discuss data requirements. We generally provide data sim cards between 16GB to 100GB depending on your needs.


teletech logo         4G and Satellite Broadband

Teletech are one of the first installers in the South West to research, develop and carry out installations of reliable 4G Broadband across Somerset and Devon over the past 18 months with outstanding results. With download speeds of up to 60mbps and upload speeds of up to 35mbps it is certainly a new brilliant option to improve your existing broadband service!

We also offer Satellite Broadband from Tooway and SES and are fully accredited installers for both!

We are a family run business based in Wellington, Somerset and have been trading since 2003.
We offer a fast, friendly and reliable service throughout the Somerset and Devon area.

We are members of the:
• Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI)
• Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS)

Our engineers are NVQ Level 2 qualified in signal reception, undergo regular CRB checks, are fully insured and have recognised working at heights certificates.
We will provide you with the best possible professional service guaranteed!

Please contact us if you would like more info……
Tel Wellington 01823 664204 email:


Truespeed-Logo-1-228x60      Fibre Cable    

TrueSpeed provides ultra fast broadband service connectivity via a fibre optic link directly to your home or business premises. We offer speeds from 100Mb/s to 10Gb/s. Our Fibre-To-The- Property installations offer fast, reliable and state of the art Internet connectivity.

Particular attention is being paid to the customer experience as we aspire to be the best in the country not only for our technical product but also for the overall experience of being a TrueSpeed customer.

TrueSpeed understands the commercial value of delivering extremely fast and reliable connectivity on brand new fibre optic networks and can provide;

  • Rural communities in parts of Devon & Somerset with the ability to have ultra fast broadband
  • Residential packages delivering speeds of 100Mb/s, in both the download and upload directions
  • Services that are considerably faster than copper based broadband products
  • Connections with the highest level of reliability with no loss of speed

We are a demand led service, currently building out from Bath however we will look carefully at other areas within Devon & Somerset that show evidence of high demand.


Voneus logo       Fibre Cable & Fixed Wireless

Voneus is a broadband and telephony service provider that uses innovative ways to deliver our service.

We work with local champions & community leaders to deliver en-block solutions to locations consisting of 60 or more premises. As one village or multiple adjoining hamlets. By delivering “Wireless Fibre To The Home (W-FTTH)” giving the same high speeds and unlimited data as BT’s fibre products without the physical connection. Where availability of shared services makes it practical, we can connect fibre directly to the home (FTTH).  Partners with Tier 1 communication companies, we install minimum infrastructure to maintain the aesthetics of the area. One size does not fit all, each community we work with receives a service that is right for them. Our simple, cost effective home and mobile telephony offerings makes Voneus your compelling, broadband and communications provider.

“Families should be able to work, play and learn at the same time”. Irrespective of where you choose to live.

Call our sales team on 020 3026 4123 or e-mail


Wessex-logo-1-228x102   Fixed Wireless Technology            

Wessex Internet is a hybrid fibre and fixed wireless superfast broadband provider established in 2010. The expansion coverage spans across South East Somerset, Dorset, and South West Wiltshire.

Recently, Wessex Internet has expanded into South West Somerset, with a view to grow organically across the county filling in the not-spots. Our unique combination of fibre to the mast, and fixed-wireless to the customer helps ensure lead times are short, costs low and performance high.

  • 30Mb/s home broadband packages start from £25 per month, with 50Mb/s available.
  • Doesn’t require a BT landline, keep your number and switch to less expensive VOIP
  • We own and run our own network for best support and the core is monitored 24×7
  • Industry beating Net Promoter Score of 81.
  • Staff are based in Dorset, Hampshire and London to help answer your questions
  • Installation lead-time from 1 week.
  • Fully-funded and joint-funded network expansions can unlock new villages and communities with sufficient interest

Network expansion is demand-led, so please register your interest on our website and encourage your neighbours to do so as well to be in with a chance to secure reliable superfast broadband.

Wessex Internet is part of M12 Solutions Ltd, a business telecoms provider based in Hampshire founded in 2003.


WCB Logo       4G, Satellite & Wireless 

If you are looking for a local and long established specialist to show you what broadband options are available to you right now, then Westcountry Broadband are here to do just that. Our options include:

  1. Satellite Broadband ( Tooway, Avanti and SES ),
  2. 4G services from EE, plus other suppliers coming soon,
  3. Wireless Broadband from various suppliers,
  4. Shared broadband from your distant neighbours,
  5. Community / Village broadband schemes,
  6. Remote hybrid systems, including solar powered relays.

Our company is actually Satellite and Digital Services Ltd ( SDS ), and we have visited every single street in Devon and Somerset over the last 18 years, including for BT (TV / Sports), freesat, Sky, YouView, Maplin, Argos, John Lewis, Sony and many more companies and retailers alike. It is our intention that whilst we carry on visiting all areas of Devon and Somerset, along the way we wish to show you what broadband technologies are available to you today. Most of these new technologies we have been installing now for over three years, some of the 4G ones are hot off the press, and we can come out and survey your property and tell you which of these technologies you can receive.

It’s time to take action to fix your broadband, it’s time to call SDS on 01271 325888 or visit for more information.


                         Fixed Wireless                       

Wight Wireless provides superfast broadband connections to hundreds of homes and businesses across the South West and our base on the Isle of Wight. The rural nature of our customer base means that many homes and businesses were finding that they were too far from the exchange and that the age-old copper lines were simply not up to the job. By using a combination of fibre optic, high capacity microwave and last mile Wi-Fi technology over our own network of base stations, our connections offer superfast speeds combined with the low latency that fibre provides – even in some of the most rural locations.

When we started our business in 2009 we invested our time, energy and expertise on our network, and in our products rather than expensive advertising campaigns. Our customer’s confidence shows when they are willing to recommend our products to friends and family…

We live in an area where the broadband can be poor and we wanted to ensure we could all use the computer, mobile phones and games consoles without any connection problems. We were talked through all of the options and reassured every step of the way. The installation was quick and professional and the service we now receive is outstanding…Mrs L Rolfe

We design and deploy high speed fixed wireless access broadband networks, delivering speeds of at least 30Mb/s to even the most remote areas. Rather than digging up the roads our networks utilise the latest Fixed Wireless Access technology to deploy our network into remote areas: where it simply wouldn’t be viable to run fibre.

Get in touch with us at:  or call our team on 01983 770000 or email


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