Superfast Fibre Broadband Case Study: Blackdown Environmental

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Dunkeswell based Blackdown Environmental, offers a wide range of ecological and land based services across the South West and Wales

Their governing priorities are the countryside and getting a job done right, on time and at the best price possible. Over the last few months efficiency at Blackdown Environmental has been boosted dramatically alongside extensive growth, thanks to the installation of superfast broadband as part of the Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) programme, which aims to make superfast services available to around 90 percent of homes and businesses in the region by the end of 2016.

Connecting smaller, rural communities is extremely important, especially for small businesses like Blackdown Environmental that rely on the internet for its sales, as well as keeping up to date with crucial information such as legislation and compliance.

Before the switch on to superfast, days at Blackdown Environmental were filled with long waits like information download which also hindered productivity and online payments. The slow connection made simple tasks like uploading documents to servers trying and time consuming. Staff would resort to emailing and resaving which was difficult to manage.

Today, superfast broadband has transformed efficiency at Blackdown Environmental. Staff are enjoying the ‘luxury’ of Dropbox as their cloud storage and the increased speeds of Google Earth and Online banking have greatly improved productivity, communication and day-to-day operations.

Director at Blackdown Environmental, Sonya Raybole, said: “The superfast broadband is quite new to us and we are still discovering new experiences within the business. Our favourite and most exciting yet was the ability to conduct a Skype meeting with our clients which was not possible before.”

The addition of superfast broadband has coincided perfectly with our current growth plans. We appreciate that superfast is both vital to the future of our business.”

Blackdown Environmental works with a variety of clients across many sectors including charitable trusts, local authorities, private landowners and agricultural establishments, delivering a fully joined-up service that fuses ecological consultancy and environmental management, from preliminary appraisal to completed works.


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