Superfast Broadband Case Study: The Met Office

Met Office helps Devon Get up to Speed

At a recent event in the Met Office’s head office in Exeter, local businesses learnt how social media can help then win more customers and grow more quickly. It was run by ‘Get up to Speed’, a support programme of Connecting Devon and Somerset – the council-run body bringing superfast broadband to parts of the region that wouldn’t otherwise be connected.

Kate Doodson, from Get up to Speed told us: “We are extremely grateful for the Met Office’s help. Not only did they provide a fantastic venue but their own social media experts joined us for the day to explain how the Met Office reaches its customers through channels such as Twitter and Facebook. We spoke to a number of businesses following the seminar who can see how growing their reputation using social media can lead directly to increased sales and growth – one flower nursery owner plans to start a blog and regular video about caring for particular varieties of plant, to help establish himself as a known expert and sell more of his own products.”

The Met Office’s mission is to be recognised as the best weather service in the world and it sees social media as essential to making that happen. Its social media manager, Anna Slingo explains: “Using channels like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube we can position ourselves at the centre of conversations about weather. This helps make sure we are the first resource people come to when they want to find out if the weather will affect their day – from checking they can hang the washing out safely to planning routes for international air traffic.

“It works just the same way for other businesses. If you can put yourself at the centre of conversations your customers are having about your products, it’s much more likely they will trust you and buy from you. You don’t need a huge team, either. There are only a handful of us managing social media for the whole Met Office. It just takes a little effort and planning, but the results can be spectacular.”

The Get up to Speed service provides information on how to benefit from faster broadband, seminars on digital technology, gadget shows and demonstrations. It is running events throughout Devon and Somerset, which you can find out about here: along with tips on how to get the most out of the Internet. If you would like a workshop in your area, get in touch with the team through the web site.

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