Superfast Broadband Case Study: Graham Everitt, Photographer

Superfast Broadband lights up life for photographer and his family in Northlew

Northlew photographer Graham Everitt has not only saved money, he’s also substantially cut down his work travel, thanks to the installation of superfast broadband as part of the Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) programme which aims to make superfast services available to around 90 per cent of homes and businesses in the region by the end of 2016.

Graham is a self-employed photographer offering consultancy and marketing services to photo libraries in London. He has a vast range of clients including magazines, television production, publishing and PR companies.

As with many self-employed people running businesses from their homes, broadband speed has become more important as the business grows.

Being in a rural community, Graham had dial up for many years. The village was then connected to a broadband system through a community set up which worked well, but did not offer the speed that was necessary for his business.

Previously, Graham would have to travel away from the village to send large files to clients using broadband in the local library some eight miles away, which was time consuming and costly.

From a personal perspective, family viewing of an ‘on demand’ programme or movie would also be troublesome, with long breaks while the web connection constantly buffered as it downloaded.

Connecting Devon and Somerset reached the Northlew area in July 2013. Graham, unsurprisingly, quickly signed up to a superfast broadband package and was one of the area’s early adopters. It is already making a substantial difference to his business.

“I work as a consultant to image libraries mainly based in London. This often meant I had to send and receive large format files, which I simply could not do under the old system. This would mean trips away from the village. Superfast broadband has cut my fuel costs, saved me time and enabled better business practice,” says Graham.

Thanks to the connection of superfast broadband, Graham has more time to spend in the office and can resolve issues quicker and more efficiently. He no longer needs to plan ahead if he needs to download software updates or schedule uploads to run overnight.

The superfast broadband has also had a positive impact on the online demands of his modern family. Graham’s daughter is now able to use superfast to help her with her studies. She can download files and watch video, helping her to create more interesting coursework.

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