Superfast Fibre Broadband Case Study: MazingTree

Mazing TreeMazingTree of Thornhill Road, Mannamead, Plymouth

MazingTree is a Plymouth-based firm established in 2006, which provides IT support, computer, network and telecommunications services for companies in the South West. Owner John Allan operates from a purpose built office at his home in Thornhill Road, Mannamead.

Superfast fibre broadband has proved a major boost for the company’s operations since it was installed in September 2012.

Mr Allan, a former IT manager for the Royal Navy and the South West of England Regional Development Agency, said: “The difference between the old and new broadband services is huge. We used to get download speeds of about 2Mbps and now we see 67Mbps!

“But it is not just about speed. There has also been a big improvement in quality. We are running our own IP (internet protocol) phone system over superfast broadband and providing remote support for our clients when they have computer problems or need to upgrade.

“Superfast broadband has been a big step forward for us, allowing us to work more efficiently and effectively and to greatly improve the services we offer clients. It makes working from home more viable than ever before.”

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