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Where & When Map Considerations

Please note the following in regards to the map data

Timescales and plans may change

The map and related messaging are only a guide. They should not be viewed as a definitive answer to current or future broadband coverage:
  • Survey dates are only estimates. Programme wide factors may stand to impact on survey dates causing shifts (either forwards or backwards) in relation to the programme‚Äôs schedule.
  • Survey dates are not necessarily an indication of proximity to upgrade. Surveying in one area could happen far in advance of the area going live.
  • Just because an area is down to be surveyed does not necessarily mean it will be upgraded. The engineering, logistical and technical issues found during surveying will inform which cabinets get enabled off an exchange.
  • We have applied for additional funding from central government and other sources. If successful with our bids, such funding will go towards increasing superfast coverage beyond our current 90% superfast target. As such this may lead to premises, currently listed as out of the programme (grey), being included through programme extensions in the future. Note however that the timescale for any such extension will probably be beyond the end of 2016.

The map provides postcode, not premises level information

Not all premises within a postcode marked as live may be able to access a fibre service. This is because:
  • There may be more than one cabinet serving a postcode. Not all cabinets serving a postcode may be enabled by the programme (either at the same time, or at all by the end of 2016):

- You will need to contact an internet service provider to determine which cabinet you are connected to.

- We list the cabinet/s related to each live, or soon to be live, postcode on our map page.

- For any partially enabled postcode that is marked as live on our map. If we intend to conduct further surveying for the other areas of the postcode that aren't yet enabled, we will display the related survey window for such work on our map page. However, the results of this additional surveying will ultimately determine if additional cabinets serving the postcode are upgraded at a later point in the programme.

  • Factors such as copper line distance from the cabinet, or copper line quality, may mean that a fibre service in the form of an uplift in speed or a superfast (24Mbps+) connection is not available at a premises. The only way to determine this is to get an internet service provider to run a check on the line once your cabinet is shown as live on our map.
  • Some premises within a postcode may be connected directly to the exchange rather than a cabinet (so called exchange only lines). For technical reasons exchange only lines will not be able to access the benefits of fibre cabinet upgrades. We are investigating a range of alternative technologies for exchange only lines, including: fibre to the premises, network rearrangement and other alternative technologies. However, not all exchange only lines may be upgraded by the end of the programme. We will provide postcode level notice of any exchange only line enablement on our map. You will need to enquire with an internet service provider to see if you are connected to an exchange only line.
  • Some postcodes may be covered by both private (commercial) and public rollouts of fibre - some premises within a postcode being covered commercially by private providers, and other premises covered by Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS). Given the fact our map is postcode level only, we have chosen to shown such postcodes as within the CDS programme. However, for such postcodes, any commercially covered premises may be upgraded following a different timescale to those covered by CDS.

Fibre service availability is not the same as infrastructure availability

Connecting Devon and Somerset is tasked with delivering fibre infrastructure capable of delivering superfast (24Mbps+) services to 90% of premises by the end of 2016. It is not tasked with delivering fibre services and is not an internet service provider.
  • We are not able to provide information on internet service provider take up at a cabinet/postcode level. However, we notify all internet service providers far in advance of a cabinet going live, and in general, the main internet service providers usually take up the infrastructure by the time we announce a cabinet.
  • Please bear in mind that internet service providers might not inform you of infrastructure availability when you enquire about coverage. They may simply tell you if they do, or do not provide a fibre service to your premises. This is not to say however that fibre infrastructure capable of an uplift in speed, or a superfast (24Mbps+) service is not available to you:

- If the first provider you check states that a fibre service is not available for a premises, we would advise you to check with a range of other internet service providers.

- If no providers are offering a fibre service and your cabinet is marked as live on our map, it is likely that factors such as copper line distance and line quality mean that a fibre service is not available at your premises.

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